Hiring Officials
The medical search process is very complicated and highly misunderstood. The single most important element in hiring medical personnel, is to realize that in most clinical areas, talented candidates are in very short supply. This means the physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals you are attempting to hire, have many more than just your position to consider when they are contemplating a career move. 

Medical Search Associates will assist you to identify, hire, and retain talented medical personnel. There are no real short cuts to the search process here. Using our time tested recruitment techniques, we will first identify potential candidates which meet your requirements. Once a candidate has been identified, we conduct a careful screening of the candidate’s career to ensure they are able to excel in the position which you have available. At this point, we forward the candidate’s curriculum vitae/resume electronically or by facsimile for your review. 

Phone Interview
After reviewing resumes, telephone interviews are scheduled with candidates. This stage of the process is generally considered a "fact finding mission”; gathering data to get a general overall understanding of the candidate’s career objectives. This is done so that a decision can be made to continue the interview process with the individual or not. 

On-site Visit
If it is determined to move forward with the process, the job seeker is asked to come for an on-site visit. We generally recommend your facility pay for the expenses which are incurred (airfare, hotel, car) by the candidate to visit your site. The visit is a real opportunity for you to gather enough information so that a quality judgment can be made regarding whether the candidate is a fit for your organization.